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Peck's Plantation supper club in Wautoma, now completely gone except for the sign.

My Grandpa Nellis liked to eat out on Sunday. So we would get in his 1956 Buick and head out out of Ripon somewhere. He loved fried chicken family style so we would end up at Peck's Plantation supper club in Wautoma, now completely gone except for the sign.

i grew up in wautoma and my grandmother kate muzzy worked as a waitress fourty years. or more , she got me my first real job at 13, busing tables and then washing dishes and eventually cooking. i remember my first interst in a girl,that i thought i was in love with. the owners daughter, i remember her often , and still have dreams about swimming in the lake and fishing. i realize how fortunate i was to grow up in wisconsin and all the good memories i have of the best times of my life ,i am 56 now and think its time to go home and reconnect with my father and friends that might still live in wautoma time stood still there and i found my true spiritual being there and realized i was a spiritual being having another human experience. i fell in love with nature and found a true apprecition for GODS creations all of them and all of us. LOVE LOVES HATE HATES . ONE LOVE. MY I GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH, FOR HIS DIVIN MERCY AND GRACE ONLY UNTO THE MOST HIGH, BELONGS ALL RIGHTEOUS DEEDS, MAY WE WITH PATIENCE RUN THE RACE SET BEFORE US, LOOKING TO THEE, THE AUTHOR AND GIVER OF first spiritual and religeous experiences all happended in the woods of wautoma on my familys land that was my saving grace when i was young . my seven brothers and sisters all grew up in wautoma as well as my mom and dad, who meet in school and graduated and got married there. i could go on and on for hours with the flood of memories that one aerial photograph that just by chance was on my good friends computer tonight, thank you so much for the space to write down and realize just how much a place can have on us that i so often took for granted and didnt realized how truley blessed and fortunate to have grown up in the great state of wisconsin. I THINK IM FINALLY READY TO GO HOME AND BECOME ALIVE AGAIN AND LIVE AS FREE AS I WAS GROWING UP IN WAUTOMA, THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES. IT REAWOKEN THE GOOD THATS INSIDE OF ME AND A LIFE TIME OF GREAT MEMORIES. MAYBE ITS TIME TO TAKE A CHANCE AND MAKE A FULL CIRCLE.I NOW REALIZE THAT MOVING BACK IS EXACTLY WHAT MY SPIRIT NEEDS TO FINISH THIS RACE WITH PATIENCE AND GRACE IN A PLACE THAT IS SO SPECIAL TO ME , MY FAMILY AND TO MY FORFATHERS

Grew up just south of there in Montello. We went there for dinner for our junior prom and had our senior banquet there. Great memories.

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