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    Appomattox County, VA
    House burnt down after being struck by lightning around 2007,If I remember correctly the family was on vacation at the time the house was burnt.Sad.The owners built a new house on the same spot as the old one.
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Scruggs/Gilliams farm, the house no longer exists as it burnt down and the medium sized barn to the furthest left in the picture also no longer exists.
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Seamster house,one of the old Scruggs houses that no longer exists stood at the edge of their garden in the lower left corner of the picture.
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    Appomattox County, VA
    One of the old Scruggs houses owned by the Thomas B. Scruggs family,the barn to the left of the house no longer exists and the driveway going to the right no longer exists either as one of the other houses owned by the Scruggs was at the end of the driveway and that house no longer exists.
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Scruggs/Gilliams house.House was owned by the Scruggs family from at least the 1920's to the 1970's.Glover D. Gilliam purchased the house and surrounding farm in the 70's and about 1 to 2 years ago completely and extensively remodeled the house interior and exterior so that the room layout is completely different from original and put new modern insulated windows,vinyl siding,modern plumbing and electricity,a new roof and other things in the house.The original white clapboard siding is now brown vinyl siding and the roof is also now brown asphalt roofing tiles.
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Randolph house,the house burnt down and the owner later built a new house next to it and the spot where the old house was is now farmland.
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Both houses were abandoned and were eventually demolished just a few years ago and replaced by a trailer home.
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    Appomattox County, VA
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    Appomattox County, VA
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Peaceful Grove Baptist Church
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    Appomattox County, VA
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    Appomattox County, VA
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    Appomattox County, VA
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    Appomattox County, VA
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Stratton dairy farm
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    Appomattox County, VA
    Stratton Dairy Farm