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60-OAR-24 (1965)
Mr. Remi L Cyr's house.
60-OAR-23 (1965)
John Smith's house, now John Pluto's.
60-OAR-22 (1965)
New Border patrol office in Hamlin.
60-OAR-21 (1965)
This has to be Leo Corrveau's house in Hamlin, built approximately 1960.
60-OAR-20 (1965)
Purchased a 1966 Dodge Polara and '66 dodge pickup from Larry great man to deal with, honest as the day... more »
60-OAR-19 (1965)
Was also formerly owned by Sebastian Madore and prior by Romain Rossignol.
60-OAR-18 (1965)
Jos Lapointe farm on Madore Road, former owner was Sebastian Madore.
60-OAR-15 (1965)
The farm belonged to my father Isidore Dumond. This is where I lived for the first six year of my life. He... more »