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6-AKK-3 (1984)
Martin Livestock Supply
6-AKK-2 (1984)
Bethel United Methodist Church
6-AKK-1 (1984)
Bethel United Methodist Church.
42-XKEO-5 (1980)
This house is gone and the Agriland FS office stands here now.
42-XKEO-4 (1980)
Mahaska Farm Service at the time of this photo, now is one of the Agriland FS plants. The big fertilizer building... more »
49-XKEO-14 (1980)
Talleyrand Tavern
51-XKEO-13 (1980)
St. Mary Catholic Church
54-XKEO-8 (1980)
Hollingsworth Equipment at the time of this photo, was Keokuk County Implement for many years and is now a J... more »
11-AKE-25 (1984)
Keokuk County Fair, What Cheer
11-AKE-26 (1984)
Keokuk County Fair, What Cheer IA
12-AKE-27 (1984)
Tri-County School, Thornburg
30-AKK-17 (1984)
Webster United Methodist Church
3-AKK-29 (1984)
Wagler Motors, still here today.
3-AKK-25 (1984)
Jct. of 92 and 149 in Sigourney. A new Caseys is now on this corner.
3-AKK-16 (1984)
Farm Bureau
3-AKK-15 (1984)
Farm Service (FS) Fuel at this time, now part of Atwood Electric.
3-AKK-14 (1984)
Lane Agri Supply Co. at the time of this photo, Now Atwood Electric.
1-AKK-9 (1984)
Heinold Hog Buying Station just northwest of Delta. Was briefly a restaurant and most recently a seed dealership... more »
33-PBE-32 (1972)
This building was Crower Farm Fleet Store at the time of this photo, it is now Ervin Motor Company Buick/GMC... more »
69-YWA-21 (1978)
The house and most outbuildings are gone from here, the bins and the garage remain.
69-YWA-17 (1978)
Everything has been gone here for many years.
69-YWA-4 (1978)
This house was replaced with a new one in the early 1990's
68-YWA-30 (1978)
Everything but the machine shed is gone here now.
68-YWA-29 (1978)
Everything but the machine shed is gone here now.
44-KMA-25 (1983)
Eddyville Raceway Park
44-KMA-15 (1983)
Eddyville Elementary School
26-WMH-32 (1988)
Don's Diner on the far left. it is hard to see but there was a large advertising chicken on the roof at... more »
41-KMA-12 (1983)
This house was abandoned for many years, no windows, roof or paint with many trees grown up around the site... more »
23-HKE-33 (1976)
Dumont's Pioneer Museum, these buildings are still here but the museum was moved to a new building to the... more »
23-HKE-27 (1976)
Dumont Sandblasting.