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    Commented on 107-BJE-17
    Jefferson County, KY
    Gilliand Rd. Wolford nursery Upper left.
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    Commented on 107-BJE-35
    Jefferson County, KY
    The Aarons house in lower right and Carl Ray nursery across the street.
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    Commented on 106-BJE-11
    Jefferson County, KY
    Tratoria Matae with Midland Trail in the background.
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    Commented on 104-BJE-27
    Jefferson County, KY
    Poplar Level Baptist church
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    Commented on 104-BJE-5
    Jefferson County, KY
    I believe this was a Church of Christ. Now there is so much there that you have to know that it was just past Frank Otte going east bound.
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    Commented on 104-BJE-3
    Jefferson County, KY
    Liberty bank. Before that there was a Texaco station there and maybe even a Sinclair at one time.