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51-QYD-10 (1985)
Unifi, McDonalds, and Hawks Produce Market in the far back ground with the ton truck beside the building. Junior... more »
3-JSU-8 (1986)
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church
4-ICA-9 (1986)
Flower Gap Primitive Baptist Church Cana, VA
12-CHA-15 (1992)
Dentist office and Currently (2020) Jones Cove Apartment buildings
4-HSU-37 (1965)
Looks like the barn on Sparger Road.
4-HSU-29 (1965)
This looks like the 3rd wing is just being built here. Really cool to see a picture that is the original look... more »
4-HSU-27 (1965)
Hwy 89 near Gentry Middle School
4-HSU-28 (1965)
Hwy 89 possibly above Gentry Middle School ?
4-HSU-23 (1965)
This is Knight's Inn currently (2020) right across from Aunt Bea's BBQ .
4-HSU-24 (1965)
This is currently (2020) Mayberry Motor Inn. Hwy 52 S just above Mayberry Mall.
4-HSU-19 (1965)
Favors a house on N Franklin Road. Pictures on this roll of film are in the vicinity.
4-HSU-12 (1965)
Possibly Ray Blackburn home. Pipers Gap Road.
39-ASU-3 (1987)
White Plains
97-ASU-29 (1987)
Stop sign at End of White Dirt Road coming onto Prison Camp Road Dobson, NC
97-ASU-17 (1987)
Prison Camp Road at end of Branch Road and White Dirt Road Dobson
102-ASU-23 (1987)
Wall's Green House Zephyr Road Dobson, NC
102-ASU-10 (1987)
White Dirt Road Dobson NC
102-ASU-5 (1987)
Central View Baptist Church White Dirt Road (I think)
102-ASU-1 (1987)
White Dirt Road Dobson, NC
101-ASU-25 (1987)
Old store on Prison Camp Road at end of Haystack Mt Airy, NC (at I-77 bridge)
101-ASU-16 (1987)
Surry Telephone substation Hwy 89
100-ASU-35 (1987)
Atkins Home. Woltz Atkins Road
100-ASU-34 (1987)
Woltz Atkins Road MT Airy NC
100-ASU-33 (1987)
Woltz Atkins Road Mt Airy, NC
100-ASU-22 (1987)
Woltz Atkins Road at corner of Davis Road Mt Airy, NC
100-ASU-19 (1987)
Woltz-Atkins Road Mt Airy, NC
100-ASU-18 (1987)
Woltz Atkins Road Mt Airy, NC
100-ASU-7 (1987)
Hwy 89 Mt Airy / Beulah NC
100-ASU-4 (1987)
Sparger Store Building Hwy 89 Beulah NC
100-ASU-3 (1987)
Sparger Store Building @ Intersection at Hwy 89 and Beulah Church Road (CURRENTLY across from Dollar General... more »