Barnstable County, Massachusetts

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Growing up, I would pass this house on my way to school and say, "Some day I'm going to have a house just like that one." It was white with black shutters, two stories in the center with a wing on each side, and columns holding up the front portico. That would have been 45 years ago. A couple of years back, the house came on the market at a reasonable price, so my husband and I bought it! I knew the former owners, and when they passed away, their kids sold the property to a local developer before I knew it was for sale, but he flipped it a few months later and we got it then. He had bought it full of all the former owners' belongings, as their kids didn't want to deal with all of it - he cleaned out the house and donated nearly everything to the local charity resale shop. However, he missed something - a pair of star-shaped glass candle holders - that we found when we took possession. I knew that they were used in initiation ceremonies for a women's group to which we both belong(ed). What a special find! Since buying the house, we have improved it with new siding, roof, windows and heating system, plus added insulation. We had to change the roofline a little bit, but we tried to preserve the original structure as best we could. We feel great that we've preserved a small piece of our town's history!