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54-LBR-23 (1970)
this is the farm my parents bought in 1970 and I grew up on, wow there are a lot of changes
68-KBR-3 (1983)
I was 2 years old when this picture was taken, don't remember a lot but sure do miss what I do remember of those...
7-BBR-5 (1973)
This was the Residence of Wendell and Doris Heidemann and ten wonderful kids. I GREW UP IN THIS HOUSE AND NOW IT...
27-LBR-18 (1970)
This is the century farm my mother was born on, my mom and dad lived all of their married life on and my brother...
1-LBR-29 (1970)
Sad when we had to take barn down, Curts grandpa had it built 1915, had perchon horses in it, then dairy cows, then...
59-LBR-2 (1970)
This is the farm I purchased in 1972. I have lived here for 43 years.


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