Bremer County

We have 308 rolls of film from Bremer County. That's about 11,088 photos.

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9-LBR-17 (1970)
Milton and Dorothy Stout's farm west of Janesville. Darlene Busch and Pat Dahle were raised there.
18-BBR-27 (1973)
earl tiedt farm.
44-XBR-10 (1980)
L. Niebuhr Farm 1980
17-BBR-33 (1973)
Loren Niebuhr Farm 1973
4-IBR-36 (1989)
Is this as far as the phtoto is zoomed out or am I just seeing a portion of the actual photo? This may be the... more »
54-LBR-23 (1970)
this is the farm my parents bought in 1970 and I grew up on, wow there are a lot of changes
68-KBR-3 (1983)
I was 2 years old when this picture was taken, don't remember a lot but sure do miss what I do remember... more »
7-BBR-5 (1973)
This was the Residence of Wendell and Doris Heidemann and ten wonderful kids. I GREW UP IN THIS HOUSE AND NOW... more »