Cedar County, Iowa, 1972
Cedar County, Iowa, 1972. Copyright © State Aerial. Duplication strictly prohibited.

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I am not a huge film buff, I seem to spend way too much time crafting to watch tvoieesiln or films. There is however one film that I saw at the cinema some years ago and has been on the tvoieesiln numerous times that I do make the effort to watch again and again. And thats Love Actually. I love the opening and closing scenes with all those ordinary people greeting each other at the airport, those pictures along with the music bring a tear to my eye. Most of the couples could be any of us (except probably the PM and Natalie). It looks at all types of love and unrequited love. New love and middle aged loved. Love that doesn\'t work out for some reason. Romantic love and love between friends.I love it!

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