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102-PLI-18 (1972)
Yes, this is the house I grew up in and sill live in. A few of the tres are gone and a building or two have been...
76-PLI-34 (1972)
This house is still there & fully used! Not to mention the small white building in front of the barn is used...
70-PLI-15 (1972)
Tha't,s my house, I built it 53years ago and are still living here.
28-GLI-19 (1979)
My grandpa Gibney's farm
35-PLI-9 (1972)
This is the Bach Century Farm where my brother and I grew up. Our great Grandfather Caleb Bach bought and settled...
81-PLI-37 (1972)
This was my Grandpa and Grandmothers home at the time of that picture. My family has lived in this home since the...