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38-PLI-2 (1972)
3655 North Center Point Road... buildings in the middle were not there when I was there in the late 80s
24-GLI-33 (1979)
3655 North Center Point Rd. Toddville Pretty much the same as I remember. A garage was added 10 feet south of the...
97-PLI-8 (1972)
This is the Dolezal farm. Don and Mary Lou were parents of Carol (born 1963) and Dianne Alexandria (born 1958) Dolezal...
45-PLI-32 (1972)
I grew up here. This is the farm at its best, most productive time. Farms were 'general' in those days and...
56-PLI-18 (1972)
I grew up on this farm. I was 8 years old when this photo was taken. My grandma lived here until she passed away...
45-GLI-25 (1979)
We live here now. This house was built in the 1840's originally and added onto in 1895. We added on again in...