Linn County

We have 392 rolls of film from Linn County. That's about 14,112 photos.

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81-PLI-5 (1972)
The large concrete crib has been down for years, the shed behind the house is gone, the drying bin, wire crib... more »
44-HLI-21 (1976)
This is my family farm. Bought in 1974, we still own. Stephens farm.
69-PLI-25 (1972)
This is the homestead of my great grandma. My mom now lives there but the house has been tore down and now a... more »
11-PLI-21 (1972)
Lloyd Henderson farm My grandfather
69-PLI-10 (1972)
My Father grew up on this farm. It is sadly gone now.
101-PLI-12 (1972)
The home where my husband grew up. Carl and Claire Himmel
90-PLI-15 (1972)
730 Ivanhoe rd. Woods family farm
24-GLI-31 (1979)
3586 Alice Rd. Toddville Iowa. Called the Rose Farm. Now part of The Skyline Ranch owned by Len and Julie Tow... more »