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75-PLI-30 (1972)
This is my aunt and uncle's farm in iowa. most likely you've heard from one of their children/grandchildren...
65-PLI-29 (1972)
I was born in 1972, but I believe this is the start of Bali Hai Estates, and I lived there until I was 7 years old.
57-HLI-32 (1976)
George Miller worked this farm for Lester Maier from 1974-1984. He continued to raise his 5 boys in this house...
42-PLI-21 (1972)
George Miller worked on this farm and lived in the houses with his boys from around 1959-1974. Great memories!
32-GLI-10 (1979)
My husband's family purchased this land in 1984. George Miller was so proud of this property. He lovingly took...
38-PLI-32 (1972)
I use to live in this house many years ago. The only running water we had was from the wind mill down by the barn...