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52-GLI-35 (1979)
This is the place I spent my child hood at. I talked to you one time about this, but didn't know the road name
1-KLI-3 (1983)
Here is where the Neumeyer children spent much of their family years.
24-HLI-7 (1976)
my mother grew up here. the barn is gone. the garage has been replaced.
69-PLI-21 (1972)
This was where my grandpa and grandma, Leo and Lillie McGowan, lived. I have many fond memories of staying there...
23-KLI-35 (1983)
I grew up in this house. My father built it in 1961, and it is still there.
102-PLI-18 (1972)
Yes, this is the house I grew up in and sill live in. A few of the tres are gone and a building or two have been...