Scott County

We have 267 rolls of film from Scott County. That's about 9,612 photos.

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15-ESC-17 (1969)
I purchased this property in 1987, and still live there today. I have seen additional updated arial photos... more »
18-ESC-26 (1969)
This is my family farm, and I lived here until I was almost 16. Today, all of the barns are gone except for... more »
46-BSC-6 (1973)
my grandpa bought this farm in 1910-my dad farmed here until his death in1988-i bought out my brother and sister... more »
1-ESC-3 (1969)
This is located just to the south of #4
1-ESC-4 (1969) shows overhead image when Oasis Drive-In was still there... more »
7-YSC-14 (1978)
Walt Bloomer farm, 95th Avenue, North of Buffalo, IA. May be owned by a Carter family now.
7-YSC-13 (1978)
Thomas & Goldie Bernauer farm, 95 Avenue, North of Buffalo, Ia
7-YSC-12 (1978)
Olvin & Lucille Holmes farm on 95 Avenue, North of Buffalo