Huron County

We have 1051 rolls of film from Huron County. That's about 37,836 photos.

89% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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82-MHU-32 (1969)
This is the Gary R. Miller dairy farm on State Route 303
90-FHU-26 (1977)
This was the home of Thomas and Eleanor Wosicki beginning in 1960. Located on State Route 18 east of Clarksfield... more »
18-SHU-21 (1964)
Fred and Ruth Anderson farm, 208 Butler Rd. S, New London, Ohio. As of 2016, all the original buildings on this... more »
38-MHU-13 (1969)
Gordons Farm 551 SR 162 E ...NF,Oh
54-PHU-31 (1978)
Ice Cream Shop & Restaurant...East end Of Greenwich,Oh Rt 224 (44837)
39-DHU-30 (1974)
The old Lee&Charlotte Gordon Farm ...551 SR 162 E. NF,Oh.
32-RHU-21 (1980)
The old Lee Gordon Farm....551 SR 162 E.
15-MHU-7 (1969)
The house still looks pretty much the same. I lived there for my final year of HS, Graduating in 1988. There... more »