Huron County

We have 1051 rolls of film from Huron County. That's about 37,836 photos.

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88-MHU-32 (1969)
Grew up here. I was three years old when this was taken.
2-SHU-26 (1964)
I'm looking for a specific farm that is on the corner of Olive and Old State Rd. in North Fairfield. This... more »
70-FHU-35 (1977)
We currently live here, and have for the past 10 years. The house was owned by Loyer's before bought by... more »
36-MHU-21 (1969)
This is 39 Boughtonville Rd ,Willard,Oh
56-RHU-27 (1980)
This was and still is the Gregory farm. I grew here. Since this photo was taken most of the maple trees... more »
78-FHU-20 (1977)
I have owned this house since 2000. The barn is red now, The big pine tree to the left of the driveway fell... more »
38-MHU-30 (1969)
This is the property I grew up on.
44-RHU-28 (1980)
This farm belonged to my grandparents, Walter and Harriet Sparks. This house was built after the original farm... more »