Kenosha County

We have 94 rolls of film from Kenosha County. That's about 3,384 photos.

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13-KKE-1 (1974)
The building was Ray Radigans Restaurant now out of business 2016, lower left corner is Stiles Pumpkin Farm... more »
41-KKE-30 (1974)
This is Farmer Browns
41-KKE-29 (1974)
This is the old Bristol House Tavern on hwy 50
51-KKE-25 (1974)
Runge Farm. This is where I grew up. Two years after the new house was built.
46-KKE-29 (1974)
My family bought this farm in 2004, lots has changed!
51-KKE-9 (1974)
Wayne Dyson farm. In 1975 the main barn was expanded for the fourth time, and silo next to barn was removed.
48-KKE-8 (1974)
Pretty sure this was my house before the house was built on the right side of the picture. The house on the... more »