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We often receive stories from our customers when they give one of our photographs as a gift. Every story seems to focus on how the recipient reacted when they saw the photograph. Here’s a great example of what I mean:

“When Dad opened that box, the expression on his face was amazing. Here was a big, rough and tough farm boy, staring at it with tears in his eyes. He couldn’t thank us enough. Later, we asked Mom if she thought he liked it. She said “He only took it in and out of the box about 10 times!” We cannot thank you enough for helping to make this great man’s difficult year much more special!"

This holiday season, we invite you to find a piece of your family history that could become not only a cherished gift, but a family heirloom. Check out our exciting holiday promotions below:

For more information on our holiday promotions, please contact a Vintage Aerial Librarian.

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