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We’re often reminded how rich and diverse our collection of photographs is when we find photos that represent our nation’s history. Today, we’d like to share a photo of Daniel Boone’s home in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Daniel Boone is, without a doubt, an iconic figure in our country and this photo shows what is now the Daniel Boone Home and Heritage Center.

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Visitor Comments


That's fantastic. Amazing history.

Connie Hute

Visited there several times in the early 90s and the house was beautiful. Would recommend a trip to anyone to see it!

Travis Christians

My family history shows that Daniel was an uncle to me. This is very interesting

Jill Helm

I have always thought that Daniel Boone was from W.Va? As a matter of fact, was always told we are descendant's of his, since we are from W.Va and we have Boone's in our ancestry.

Doris Y. Eddy

He moved here in his later years as Kentucky had too many people. I believe Daniel was born in one of the Carolinas..Check it out on the computer.

Doris Y. Eddy

Daniel moved to Mo. in his later years as there were too many in Kentucky.

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