Who are Vintage Aerial's Librarians?

Our Librarians are people who are committed to Vintage's mission of making our archives available to you and inviting you to share your personal history with us. They live throughout the country, typically work at home, and are united by a belief in the meaning and importance of the personal histories that each of us has, connected to the places we've lived. Our Librarians are trained to access our archive and to help you find what you're looking for. They are also trained to work with you in connecting your personal history to the photos that are meaningful to you, and in recording that history in a way that honors it.

Why do we have Librarians?

Our Librarians are an important part of our company. They understand our mission and they are well-trained to help fulfill it by working with you to help you find your photograph and to invite you to share your story with us. We take seriously each request we receive, and we assign a Librarian to respond and to help find the photos you want. This isn't always easy, but our Librarians are committed to the job.

Do you need a Librarian to help you?

We have a collection of 25 million pictures on film; only a fraction of the collection has been scanned and converted to digital images that are viewable online. Our Librarians will work with you to help you find the pictures you want to see. If the pictures are already scanned, this will happen right away. If they aren't scanned, our Librarians will work with our scanning and archives departments to get the relevant film scanned promptly so you can see the pictures with the help of the Librarian.

How do your Librarians help me?

Our Librarians are experts at working with you to help you find your photo. They are knowledgeable in using the tools we have developed to sort, organize, and present the photos for your viewing in an online slideshow. They will stay with you for as long as necessary while you view the photos, talk about them, and share your memories. If you want to, you can share your story with our Librarians, who will work with you to record it in a lasting form that will become part of our historical archive. When you find what you're looking for and want to purchase, our Librarians will take you through that process. We are certain that your experience with us will be meaningful and rewarding.