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Lawson J. Beals

This was the Maude Holbrook house on Meadowbrook Rd. (at the corner of the Brigham Rd., at the time of this photo the this photo the home was owned by Helen Gagnon and was a rental property. Many older residents will remember Helen Gagnon our rurual mail carrier, she delivered the route thru Meadowbrook & Stony Brook to the Center Post Office, then after sortiing mail at the Post Office there she continued thru Parker Head to Popham, she retired in the very early 1960's but not before I was old enough to remember her having the route, as she drove a pink & white Packard!


This house is still there. I remember how beautiful this majestic chestnut tree was, but I can't remember if it is still there.


The house is still there, it has been remodeled and its appearance is much better than this photo portrays.


What might this address be?

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