Seneca County

We have 1071 rolls of film from Seneca County. That's about 38,556 photos.

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9-XSE-19 (1986)
Its my grandparents farm!!! I saw it lots of times riding my bike to visit! Still make it there just not nearly... more »
3-XSE-1 (1986)
My parents house the year they bought it.
38-MSE-13 (1969)
This is my parents house! Many things have changed, almost nothing is the same.
55-MSE-4 (1969)
My parents farm - Strausbaugh residence.
55-MSE-16 (1969)
There is a house next door where the farm land is. Build I 1972.
55-MSE-3 (1969)
I grew up here and my Parents still reside here.
55-MSE-15 (1969)
Some of the trees are gone, no bushes on the side of the house, garage was taken off in a tornado, but a new... more »
42-BSE-21 (1979)
My husband's grandparents built this farm and we now own it. The pool was taken out many years ago but everything... more »