What are the technical specifications for Digital Files?

Using Photoshop, we fix any and all imperfections from the original film (dust, scratches, etc.) and also make some contrast improvements when needed. From there, we generate two files: a JPEG for things like sharing on social media, and a TIFF file for professional printing. 

The TIFF and JPEG files are generated from an original scan size of 2000px by 3000px and upscaled to 6000px by 9000px at 300DPI. The TIFF file size can range between 40-50mb, while the JPEGs are generally between 13-15mb.

When printing, we recommend using 3:2 aspect ratios due to the film format, such as 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and so on.

It's important to remember, that due to the nature of the way these images were photographed, only so much detail can be extracted from the original film. Each picture was taken on 35mm film from a fast-moving plane. To eliminate blurry photos, fast shutter speeds were used, which in turn limited the detail on the film itself, and sometimes added graininess. We scan each frame using commercial scanning equipment, and we scan at the highest possible resolution to generate the best file possible.

Last updated on October 27, 2022