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What are points, and what can I use them for?

We need your help identifying the images in our collection so that we can help connect more users with photos from their past.

For each piece of useful information provided, we’ll award points that have real value towards Vintage Aerial products. To get started, create a free account, and then you can begin earning points right away.

Points are awarded when you provide:

  • Helpful, interesting, or identifying comments: 5 points
  • Geotagged locations: 4 points

What are my points worth?

Each point is the equivalent of 5¢. To redeem points towards a product, you must be logged in to your account at the time of checkout. You can use a combination of points and an accepted payment method to complete your purchase. See our animation of points being added during checkout:


Points may be reviewed and, if deemed to be invalid, they may be revoked, and any order placed using points may require an additional payment or be cancelled according to our point usage policy. We reserve the right to alter point values.

Last updated on April 2, 2018