Search for photos

You can search by three different methods:  address, map, and text.

Address and Map Search

Address and map searches use rolls with location information generated from analog flight maps. This search returns rolls of film, in which there are typically 36 images at a time. 

Important Tips

  1. Addresses are auto-completed as you type using Google Maps. Start typing your address and when your address is shown, click the suggested address to begin your search.
  2. Use modern addresses. Avoid searching by antiquated addresses or rural routes and include everything you’d need to send a letter, such as the number, street name, city, state, and postal code.
  3. Click the suggested address. Our system requires verified addresses to complete a search. Simply click them to see results.
  4. Check for typos. We can’t provide accurate search results unless all address information is free of errors.
  5. Don’t include county or township in your address. This information isn’t necessary in our automated search tool.
  6. If an exact modern address is not available, try searching for an approximate one nearby. In many cases, homes or farms are no longer standing and don’t have current addresses. Use a nearby address to generate search results in that area.
  7. Move the map. You can also simply drag the map’s marker to generate results.

Text Search

Text search looks through all comment bodies and names within a specific county to return individual images that match. Try searching for things such as “dairy farm” or names like “Anderson” to view results. Keep in mind, photos without comments are not included in the search.


If searching doesn’t return the results you are looking for, or you just want to explore the entirety of our collection, try browsing instead.

Last updated on January 18, 2017