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114 vwi 09
114-VWI-9 (Windham, 1986)
I lived here for a year while I attended UConn - It has since been demolished. I believe it used to be an inn... more »
114 vwi 03
114-VWI-3 (Windham, 1986)
Was Sub Stop, Wing Express, now Little Asia Convenience Store. Dick' Auto in background.
113 vwi 35
113-VWI-35 (Windham, 1986)
STORE 24! The Disk! Paul's Pizza! Demolished and developed, Now The Oaks, CVS... :^(
113 vwi 34
113-VWI-34 (Windham, 1986)
College Theatre! Renovated and was People's Bank, Paperback Trader around back, Now Chang's Garden.
113 vwi 33
113-VWI-33 (Windham, 1986)
Was Storrs Drug, Friendly Restaurant, etc. - Now D.P. Dough, Bon Chon, University Pizzaria, etc.
113 vwi 29
113-VWI-29 (Windham, 1986)
Academic Keys LLC employment agency... more »
113 vwi 25
113-VWI-25 (Windham, 1986)
Built 1842! UConn Plant Science Conifer Collection in background...

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