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006 ffnc 33
6-FFNC-33 (New Castle, 1988)
M&T Bank, 399 E Main St., Middletown, DE.
006 ffnc 34
6-FFNC-34 (New Castle, 1988)
Former Middletown Appliance, currently RCCG Amazing Grace Chapel, 211 E Main St., Middletown, DE.
007 ffnc 03
7-FFNC-3 (New Castle, 1988)
Louis Marie Bridal, 3 E Main St., Middletown, DE.
006a aasu 28
6A-AASU-28 (Sussex, 1991)
Jake Richards farm.
006a aasu 29
6A-AASU-29 (Sussex, 1991)
Keller family farm.
006a aasu 24
6A-AASU-24 (Sussex, 1991)
Jacobs Richards farm
006a aasu 23
6A-AASU-23 (Sussex, 1991)
This is Whites Chappelle Church.
006a aasu 20
6A-AASU-20 (Sussex, 1991)
This is Warrington Vincent's farm, not sure of the year.

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