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  • Hume school is gone
  • All buildings gone and the 50 Acres it sits on for Sale.
  • Young America High School located at the north end of Metcalf, Illinois. Consolidated to make Shiloh. Building is gone now.
  • Garland Methodist Church was located on the Horace-Brocton road. All gone.
  • My home until 1962. The buildings and trees are gone now and most of the area is farmed.
  • This looks like the farm of Bob & Lois Brooks. All of this is gone now.
  • Originally this was the Jump farm. Roy & Ida Ingram lived here for several years. Then Basil & Ida Ingram. All gone except for the white barn.
  • Ray & Helen Morgan farm. All gone now.
  • I grew up in that house & had horses in the barn! The house & barn are now gone.
  • This is where I live now. The house is all gone and we built a new house in 2014 and it sets further back on the property. There are two more bins
  • put up and the fences are all gone. A couple of the small buildings are gone also. The corn crib bin is gone. The electricity lines are all buried along with the scales there in the middle of the driveway.

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