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  • Phillip 66 gas station in Plano corner of Hale st and try 34 (E South st).
  • It’s a speedway gas station now rt 34 and 71 in oswego
  • My father and his best friend built this gas station/restaurant. My mother ran the restaurant for many years. I worked there as a waitress during
  • Newark, IL on Rt. 71. The building on an angle is the Country Corner, and they have a killer beef roll. It's still there. The brick building to the left has been replaced by a modern BP gas station.
  • This is on the corner of hwy 34 and S Lew st in Plano. My parents gas station was to the left across the street Ferguson service.
  • This is the corner of Highway 34 and S. Will St. in Plano. My parents gas station FERGUSON service is in the top right corner of this photo
  • A Mobil gas station located at 1961 Douglas Road, Montgomery, Illinois. NW corner of Douglas (N-S) and U.S Route 30. Today an Advance Auto Parts store is in this location. Looking N/NW in the picture.
  • Phillips 66 gas station, 1 Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery, Illinois. SE corner of the intersection of Illinois State Route 25 (bottom edge of the picture) and Boulder Hill Drive. View looks NE in the picture.

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