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  • The big barn is gone and cows in the field
  • My cousins house where my Grandpa Larson lived and my DAD grew up there. The barns are gone now .
  • It is long since gone claimed by fire and the rest of the bldgs by age execpt for the out house definitely not the same now just a lonley piece of dirt
  • House and buildings are gone now.
  • Could be the Harfst farm. Later a Pfeiffer lived there. Now all gone. It was one farm S of the Strube/Osing farm.
  • Clyde Specketer farm. It's all gone now, except for a couple grain bins. This is the original Specketer homestead in Mason county. I grew up there.
  • This is the Jarvis Hoseman farm. It is all gone now.
  • My property now- large barn is gone
  • This is my property now- the large barn is gone.
  • This is my home! All the buildings are gone and new ones put. There's two bins verses one and the house has been added on to.

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