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  • House is there, the larger barn is gone and the smaller barn is crumbling.
  • my wife aunt and uncle Glenn and Evelyn strange lived here many years it is gone now it is on the corner of 146 and little Eagle Creek Avenue
  • 5345 e 236th St, Cicero. The "brown" barn and the smaller barn next to the pole barn are gone.
  • The old Stall bros. Lumber sales on mulebarn rd. all gone but 1 barn. Was there many times.
  • This was the Hopkins Farm and Dairy the tractor sitting there I believe is an e-4 Co-op that I now own. the dairy expanded a lot over the next year's but Dairy is gone and in disrepair now.
  • Brantwood farm on 32 west of Mill creek. All gone now, I was last one to fill the silo in the late 80s.
  • All structures are gone except the barn. It is currently Hunter Plumbing. Barn has been converted into the business.
  • Walker's place on mulebarn at 32, little bit of old co-op tank farm in upper left. All gone.
  • 1089 W SR 38. House is still there. Both of these barns are gone. Just west of Six Points Rd on the south side.
  • Booker's farm equipment. Currently a Get Go gas station. Biddle Memorial Park in the background. Small house lower right is gone, Masonic Lodge building there now.

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