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060 jjo 32
  • The field is gone, the trailer is gone, the fields became a lake with a shelter house
037 kjo 17
  • this was south of 2 cent rd. on the east side of 135. it's all gone now
052 kjo 13
  • Bought this place in 1976. The house and barn are gone. A new build in front of aare the old barn was.
038 jjo 24
  • Russell Rund farm, 700 west. buildings gone today
037 kjo 35
  • right south of 600 n on the east side of 135, all gone now and a kroger i believe is being built on this farm
052 kjo 26
  • Gayle’s Propane on north side of SR252 just east of Morgantown. The old junk yard is long since gone.
024 kjo 35
  • I grew up in that house. From age 11-17. the house is now gone, it was bought out by the state so they could straighten the road. It broke my moms heart to give up her home.
001 njo 30
  • Edinburgh Park & Rec. The log cabin is now gone. There is a new large building, basketball court, baseball fields & covered playground.
022 tjo 32
  • , and mom worked there for 24 years. The smokestack is gone. I have a book from Union and on the inside cover is written "smokestack at Union township is 66' and 3 5/8 inches high, measured by Aurthur Benshiemer and Max Coiler.
051 kjo 23
  • living there. Barn and feed lot now gone but was once a thriving feeder cattle lot with what is believed to have been the largest silo in the state for many years.

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