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  • 2016: Our home since 1976...... additions made; grain bin gone; house sided..... still our home.
  • My grandpa owned this place . Now my aunt does. The buildings are all gone ...sad.
  • This is Sanders Elementary School. Turned into some kind of factory. Grown up quite a bit. All the trees are gone.
  • My grandparents farm on McNeely Street. The barns and pond are gone now, and the fields have become a housing addition. My parents built a house in the field next to the corn crib at the top right corner.
  • My Dad and Mom built this house early 50's and raised 5 children and 13 grandkids. They are gone now but we had a lot of good times. Great memories in this house growing up playing in the yard with neighbors and then the grandkids.
  • I live here now. The out buildings and the two big trees in the front yard are gone, and there is a two car garage to the left of the house.
  • This is my grandparents old house and it's still in the family, but most of the trees around the house and the drive on the right are gone. I have

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