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  • The house I spent 18 years of my life in. The best memories are here ❤️
  • This is where I grew up! So many memories.
  • My grandparents lived here. Alot of good memories of this place
  • Dayton Memorial Presbyterian Church, Dayton, Indiana
  • as (I believe) the building to the right of the office. Many houses built in the area since but it still has a rural feel. Lots of great memories.
  • gone (the barn burned I am told). 1973 was the last time I lived there before getting married and going to graduate school. Fond memories.
  • heard that the farm has been demolished. Does anyone know when that happened and why. Hope it's still around. Have fond memories of living in this farm house. Have been told the farm was where Walt's Pub & Grill is now.
  • Depending on what Century and decade you paid a visit to this priceless memory, You knew you were taking in some of the finest roadside dining while

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