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  • Trailer and Barn are gone.
  • Barn and machine she'd are gone
  • This building is long gone. They updated shortly after this photo was taken. Now that building is also gone. A bank will be going up soon.
  • with shutters. Building attached to the silo is gone, 2 little grain bins gone, big trees to the north gone and replaced with an evergreen windbreak
  • , all the large fencing from the roa and out around the buildings is gone, all little hog buildings gone. The silo remains and is in excellent shape
  • , barn remains.. the building in the upper right is gone, straight up in the middle is all yard now. the rest of it pretty much remains. We farm all around
  • This is where I grew up and home of the US Speedcenter. The entire homestead is now gone.
  • This house was built by my grandfather. I have so many great memories here. Most of those buildings are gone now.
  • Don Bentall's farm; house is now gone (burned down) The brick barn is still standing.
  • I own this house now. It is a different color now, chimney is gone. Some trees gone, some new ones, driveway is paved, a deeper ditch was dug so part of the yard was lost
  • My Dad grew up here. This used to be such a lovely property. Now all the buildings are gone except the house and garage. Even those are largely in disrepair.
  • I lived here for 17 years, and miss this place dearly. The little shed is gone and a lot of the trees. There is a big red barn that is straight north of the road.

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