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  • The big barn is gone.
  • That's my Gandparents house in the back ground. It's where Supper Foods is now. All long gone now
  • Gone, it's now a horse pasture. (Mar/2016)
  • This was the farm I grew up on. Since this picture was taken...all buildings are gone except the Morton building and the brick house.
  • Bob Nelson farm. The group of bins and corn dryer in the middle are all gone.
  • My Grandpa and Grandma lived here, then we moved in when they moved to town. The house is gone now and several other buildings. Very sad to see it gone.
  • Many changes have occurred since this photo was taken 41 years ago. The corn crib is gone and a bin replaced it. The barn is gone and replaced
  • with a machine shed. The chicken house was intact then and a couple of buildings shown are now gone. Time marches on.
  • The Charles and Joan Gangestad farm located south of Holmes. All of the buildings are gone.
  • (looking Northwest) Francis McAlpine farm. Both big barns are gone. Everything North side of the North barn is gone. The hog house Northeast of the shed (between the barns) is still there.
  • David Bonin Sr. There is a big machine shed where the trees to the right are. Crib and building by the driveway are gone.

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