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  • The store at Peonia sadly its gone now.
  • The house and barns are all gone
  • Trailer is gone nice house there now
  • My grandparents farm in Peonia,Ky. Many of the outbuildings are gone and a back porch has been added. No fence around yard anymore. Many trees gone.
  • Grandparents Luther and Connie Scott farm on 259. All of it is gone but the barn now.
  • This the farm that I was born at in 1951, still own the farm. Original buildings are all gone.
  • My home where I grew up. The house, barn and small building in front of the garage is gone. The garage remains and a mobile home replaces the house where my 94 year old mother still lives.
  • I was born an grew up here. Best place in the world to grow up. Everything is gone except the shed. Tornado took House an barn. Pond dried up a couple years ago.
  • the willow tree is gone and the porch has a built up porch with a deck on it and there is a ramp made of concreate we had done for my mommas wheel chair
  • the shurbs are gone and when she passed away we took the rose bushes she lived there until 2011'
  • This looks exactly like my Grandparents farm on Blowtown Rd in Grayson County Ky. If so everything is gone now but memories Their names are Fred and Ruby Saltsman.
  • I think this is my grandparent's place Fred and Ruby Saltsman. I loved to play under those trees. It sure is different today. The house is gone and some of the barns.

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