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  • All the structures are gone. No one lives on the property. The neighbors bought the property.
  • Lived there iit was owned by Davis McGeehee and family. Haven't been there but I think the house is gone.
  • Curtiss and Katherine Allgood homestead. Katherine still lives there at age 97 although Curtiss has been gone for 11 years. A barn and a couple
  • smaller structures are gone now and a barn put up where the plants beds are in this photo.
  • This is the old Lawrence Barr place, the barns and house are gone now. Those are apple trees in the field. This place is now owned by Vessels Farms.
  • The 2 tiny trees in the front yard are now taller than the house. This is where my grandparents have lived my whole life. Still looks quite a bit the same - a couple buildings gone now, but new ones in their place.
  • burned shortly after it was sold. All the barns are gone except the old shed next to the house. My best memories still live there!
  • This is the OxBow Inn Restaurant. It is (was) about 1/4 mile west of the intersection of Hwy 60 & Hwy 144/313 in Meade County. The OxBow Inn no longer exists (2017); it's been gone about 25 years or more.
  • Lived here with the Howard family from 1978 to 1986. Moved across the road for the next 9 yrs. The barn at the bottom of the page is gone. A double
  • are and I think all the grain bins are gone. My husband Paul Lancaster was raised here and grew crops on the farm as well as raised cattle. Now it is farmed by Larry Edelen. MaryAnn still lives there in the farm house.

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