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  • I have so many wonderful memories here! This was my great grandparents farm.
  • I was born in this house in 1941. It belonged to my grandparents, Rollie and Myrtie Holmes and is still in the family today. Many fond memories of this farm.
  • Martins ( Owned by BF & Betty Martin) Grocery in Waterford. Later became The Pumpkin Patch General Store (Owned by Don & Gail Terry) in the early 1990's.My first public job as an early teenager. Great Memories of this place.
  • I was born in this house. Lived here pass my 18th Birthday. House gone now and has been replaced. House was demolished in 2016. This house, my home, was the one that built me. Fond memories
  • Thia was my great grand parents place. Wilbert and florence maddox. Wonderful memories
  • parents. We took full ownership after one year. My husband died in 1978. I stayed on the farm for 5 more years but finally moved to a location where my son could attend college. Lots of fond memories there.
  • I grew up visiting my Uncle Bill and Aunt Darlese on this farm. Even though my Great Grandparents owned it first, my memories are more vivid playing
  • with Johnny, my cousin, Bill and Darlese's son. My Grand father Arch Pulliam use to take me fishing here. Lots of found memories on this farm. I
  • This is my childhood home. The home of Larry and Lillian Murphy. It is still in the family occupied by my brother Glen and sister-in-law Theresa. Great memories!
  • Hwy 1060 Plum Creek Rd. Harry Sr and Ruby Mckinley lived here. My Grandparents homestead, ole the fond memories I have.
  • This was my grandparents home. My grandfather raised hogs and farmed this property. It was home to JB and Blanche Murphy, and sad to say it is no longer in the family but still holds lots of childhood memories!

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