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137 bea 19
  • Grain wry is gone as well as the apple trees
038 bea 14
  • This was the farm where I grew up. The house is gone, the old house we used as a garage to the upper left is gone. The trees in the front are now full grown. Much has changed. Great memory.
034 bea 11
  • is gone and a new house built back behind the right fence row. The old orchard is gone and a new one planted.
152 bea 07
  • This is the house I currently live in. Barns are all gone and we put in a pool where the chicken barn was. Many of the large trees have had to be removed.
138 bea 06
  • This is my family’s farm. The barns are gone, replaced with new. And most of the trees have been lost to storms over the years.
213 bea 10
  • Grew up in the this house in the 80s. All of the trees are gone and the barn as well.
170 bea 36
  • John & Phyllis Coats' house. All is gone now except the Kwansit barn and the hiproof barn.
223 bea 25
  • I grew up here! So much has changed. Most of the barns are gone. The big barn and the attached pole barn burned down. The hill that we used to sled on is no longer there. Many awesome memories!!!!
170 bea 33
  • Backside of my house! All of these barns are now gone and all of the fruit trees. But have new trees and barns.
167 bea 37
  • i grew up in the house! lived there for 22 years, then moved into my own home in Charlotte, the house has gone through some changes, and there are homes where the corn field is! THIS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE HOME!

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