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006 eio 23
Clarksville school.
103 oio 17
Shiloh School. Closed now. Was transformed into a home.
Attended Shiloh 5th & 6th grade, my younger sisters longer, some great memories there. I went into the service after high school, when I came back
My brother converted this, a school he attended into his house.
146 oio 01
North of the Easton School.
146 oio 02
Another one of the Easton school.
146 oio 04
The Easton country school, now a home.
146 oio 03
A place just north of the Easton School.
001 eio 10
This is Portland St. Patrick's Church and school.
St. Patrick Church and School in Portland, Michigan. The old rectory between the two structures has been gone many decades.
172 uio 22
Coon school, k-6th grade. Still operating
056 rio 04
This is/was a country school, don't know where it was at.
147 oio 35
Home my junior year in High School.

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