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015 amo 22
This was my Grandpa's house and my aunt and uncle's trailers. This brings back a lot of memories.
050 amo 22
This was the house that I grew up in. It still stands but with an addition and has aged. Lots of memories with my sisters on the pond in the back. :-)
020 fmo 10
Our family lived her for over 7 years. We moved in 1966. I think the barn which was on the other side of the road disappeared. A lot of memories growing up here.
Our family lived here for several years. A lot of memories.
023 amo 34
Gordon and Marilyn Lunsted's house. This is where I grew up. A lot of great memories!!
030 amo 13
This was my Grandpa's Farm house. Dwight and Naomi Terwilliger. A lot of wonderful memories here.
092 amo 30
This was my grandpa and grandma Everts place. I had many great childhood memories here.
165 amo 27
This is the farm I grew up on as a child. Wonderful memories there. The old corn crib is gone. The outside privy on the west side of the garage is gone. Now two residents are there.
045 fmo 31
Jorgensen farm. Fond memories of playing in the corn crib on the left, swinging in the hay mow and shooting pigeons off of the silos. The barn is gone now. Dismantled by some Amish and re-assembled somewhere else.
108 amo 05
my dad bought this farm with 80 acres in the spring 1945 for 5200 dollars.There were 2 barns. I was 7 yrs old. Lots of good memories.
003 dmo 27
This was my grandparents farm where i have very many memories from my Great grandfather Andrew Handlon who actually built the farm to my grandfather Andrew Grace who maintained it.

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