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5-XST-31 (Steuben, 1991)
My family helped build that house!
73-KMN-5 (Monroe, 1984)
North Chili United Methodist Church
73-KMN-4 (Monroe, 1984)
Parsonage for the North Chili United Methodist Church. We lived there 1967-1978 while my father was the pastor... more »
61-WGE-17 (Genesee, 1990)
My parents owned this and I grew up here. Most of everything there are gone now except the big freestall barn... more »
21-GWY-29 (Wyoming, 1988)
In 1995, I spent three and a half months riding 18,500 miles all over this country on my motorcycle. Everyday... more »
110-KLS-8 (Lewis, 1984)
The old Schoolhouse

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