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042 wli 13
42-WLI-13 (Livingston, 1990)
I live here now! We took out this mobile and put in a double-wide!
084 bche 09
84-BCHE-9 (Chenango, 1992)
Have lived here now for 9 1/2 years, things do change! really appreciate the history that I see here.
032a mst 34
32A-MST-34 (Steuben, 1987)
Smith stock farms. A lot has changed. I am growing up here
082 pco 02
82-PCO-2 (Cortland, 1983)
This is the farm owned by Harold and Florence Jordan. On the side of the silo it states the name of the farm... more »
004 shk 24
4-SHK-24 (Herkimer, 1989)
This is our place since 2011. It looks so different! The trees are much bigger. Thanks for the share!
072 nwy 02
72-NWY-2 (Wyoming, 1982)
Pete Andrews House

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