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021 mst 12
21-MST-12 (Steuben, 1987)
Ruby and Earl<<>>The house used to be part of the J Silliman farm!
021 mst 13
21-MST-13 (Steuben, 1987)
I lived next to the Beebe's . Florence and Joe's daughter Dawn
021 mst 10
21-MST-10 (Steuben, 1987)
This is the intersection when in 1952, a car came speeding @ a very HIGH rate, when Steuben County was attempting... more »
021 mst 11
21-MST-11 (Steuben, 1987)
I have forgotten who put the mobile home in.
021 mst 13
21-MST-13 (Steuben, 1987)
When Don used to get underfoot sometimes, Henry would send Him and Daniel (Boone) Silliman up to the Page farm... more »
014 lal 23
14-LAL-23 (Allegany, 1986)
This is the house I grew up in. My father built this house with the help of a neighbor when I was a toddler.
014 lal 19
14-LAL-19 (Allegany, 1986)
This is my grandfather's house. It was built over one hundred years ago by a lawyer. This was originally... more »

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