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092 non 20
92-NON-20 (Onondaga, 1982)
Now Cazenovia Equipment Company on NYS Route 11 in Lafayette. Formally Shanahan John Deere Tractor and Equipment... more »
092 non 19
92-NON-19 (Onondaga, 1982)
State Police Barracks on NYS Route 11 in Lafayette
092 non 15
92-NON-15 (Onondaga, 1982)
Now Shute's Water Systems on NYS Route 20
092 non 04
92-NON-4 (Onondaga, 1982)
4974 NYS Route 20
092 non 03
92-NON-3 (Onondaga, 1982)
Kart Lounge and Kart Track on NYS Route 20
125 kre 16
125-KRE-16 (Rensselaer, 2000)
This is Gilead Lutheran Church, 308 Brick Church Rd, Troy, NY 12180. On Google Maps it is located here: https... more »
124 kre 15
124-KRE-15 (Rensselaer, 2000)
This is Brittonkill Central School (Tamarac Middle & High School). On Google Maps, it is located here: https... more »

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