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230-NON-4 (Onondaga, 1982)
I grew up here, the garage was taken down and a barn was put up a year after this photo.
112-KLS-12 (Lewis, 1984)
Lived there in the late 70's
52-KSIE-8 (Schoharie, 1984)
My grandparents lived here, Henry (Hank) and Betty Hebert and mom grew up here, Beverly Hebert. I have many... more »
39-NCO-13 (Cortland, 1982)
I was born and raised here
103-NON-21 (Onondaga, 1982)
Loetterle Family Farm Kamm Rd
122-NON-9 (Onondaga, 1982)
3939 Sawmill Rd Preble NY
2-PONT-3 (Ontario, 1983)
We bought this property from my wife's Mother in 1983. In 1984 we built our home just west of the barn where... more »

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