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100 lwa 07
100-LWA-7 (Washington, 1986)
I live here now, in 1986 the Browns lived here
022 jni 30
22-JNI-30 (Niagara, 1985)
This was my grandparents farm
007 bot 02
7-BOT-2 (Otsego, 1992)
This is the village of Hartwick, NY (where I grew up. The street(s) going L - R is/are South & North Streets... more »
002 nca 34
2-NCA-34 (Cattaraugus, 1982)
The Howell farm. Home to Don and Penny Howell.
027 kot 33
27-KOT-33 (Otsego, 1984)
This is at the intersection of 205 & Wiley Town Road and used to be a one-room school house.
028 kot 05
28-KOT-5 (Otsego, 1984)
This was the dairy farm of Howard & Irene Ainslie. They purchased it in 1956 and named it Twin Brook Farm... more »
022 yni 17
22-YNI-17 (Niagara, 1981)
This was my grandparents farm, actually my grandfather and his father bought the land and built the house in... more »

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