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  • Grew up on this farm
  • I am the 8th generation on this farm and so proud of it.
  • Bensvue Farms 1971
  • Millers' farm
  • The Coggshall Farm later the Christofferson farm
  • Sweeney's farm
  • Yes I own this farm now
  • My grandparents built the farm, freebrokk farm, my dad took over and milked a herd of cattle untill 1996. I was probably inside the barn
  • or in a field when this picture was taken. Lots of fantastic memories made for me there. Now the Sherman family owns the farm and won't even let us hunt
  • I grew up on this farm in the 80's. Since we left it has become very run down.
  • That is our farm that we bought in late 1960's from the Matson family. Lots of changes with a new log cabin, hay barn opposite big barn, machine
  • shop up near the new house and no old farm house anymore. Beautiful piece of property and we just love it!

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