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  • Farm Bureau - Michelin Tires - Batteries
  • Hope we very sad to hear this home is no longer there, this is a common story with a lot of these rural homes. Was this an active farm? How long was this home in your family?
  • This is my old trailer on my family’s farm.
  • address for this farm house is 1871 North Beston Road, La Grange, N. C. 28551
  • Wow! this is an amazing farm and sounds like a long history as well, what year did your great great grandfather build the home? Do you know
  • This photo is of our family farm. My great great grandfather built the house and 2 of the wooden barns. This picture was taken when I was a senior in college.
  • A lot has changed. This was taken the year after my grandpa died. My father had 1 semester of college left and took over the farm. We still farm today with poultry houses and cows at this same location.
  • Right: Arnold and Lillie Jones home. Left: Jack and Sally Ginn home. My mother was raised on this farm which is directly across the road from the farm where my father was raised.
  • This is my family’s farm. My grandmother lived here when this photo was taken. My mother and father remodeled the home, and my mother lives here now.
  • This was my parents's, Hope and David Van Smith, home and farm. It is now owned by my brother David Brian Smith.
  • J Milo Pierce Farm Center
  • Orion and Ethel Howell farm, Patetown, NC. This is the house and farm where my father grew up. The front half of the house was part of a one room

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