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  • I think this is The Roll farm
  • Yes it sure is our farm. That was before Bill and I lived here. Bill's Grandma lived here then. Bill's Great Grandfather built the farmhouse in 1914
  • Don't see this farm on the road. Possibly no longer.
  • This farm is a shadow of it's former self now with only the house and a single outbuilding remaining.
  • The Carl Subler Chalet and ponds, prior to home construction. Formerly the Etter Farm?
  • There are older images of this farm in the 1967 and/or 1971 photos.
  • Used to be the Francis Dapore farm until we purchased in 2003.
  • I grew up on this farm A lot has changed since this photo was taken
  • Beck farm Horatio Harris creek rd Bradford Ohio
  • Grubbs Rex Rd. Wetzel Farm
  • The Maze & Marie Clemens farm. The home was underground.

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