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  • Was Brrokside VFW now called Elliott Mote Memorial VFW. The middle house is gone & it is part of the VFW parking lot. Been by this place a too many times.
  • Been by this place a few times. The house & a small barn are gone.
  • Been by this place a few times. 2 barns are gone the little one by house might have been added onto the house. Big barn straight back is gone.
  • The old Hobart building that just came down in late 2014/early 2015. Notice the walkway bridge connecting the two buildings. It's all gone now
  • House has been long gone. (70's) Idle Family of 11 kids lived there. Remember the school bus stop. They didn't live their long. Photo 12 & 13
  • are the same farm. The barn stayed there for a long time. Now it is gone. Schram owns the property.
  • Pamla Holfinger Vass is goldenfeather1. Routledge Farm then Anders The girl used to baby sit us. The house is long gone only the barn is there. The barn is now gone.
  • The barns to the left and right of the bank barn are gone.
  • Main barn is gone.
  • Been by this place a few times. Big barn in back is gone. Couple of small barn sheds were put up.
  • Every thing is gone except the drive way. Automotive place - most likely M & M across the road.

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