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  • Jim grew up on this farm. The tractor driver had to be his Dad. This picture was taken before we were married.
  • My parents house, grew up on this farm. Lots of good memories. The barn as been torn down.
  • This was my parents farm from 1954-1997, when it was sold after they passed. The old barn is gone, but for the most part still looks the same.
  • Intersection of County Rd 10 and US RT 23 in Alvada, OH. Looking east. Former garage and farm equipment dealer.
  • Turkey farm on OH RT 18 just north of intersection with US 224. View is looking west.
  • It is the Old dundore Farm my brother John park has owned it over 35 years
  • This farm has been in my family for years and I'm now raising my boys here
  • Neighbor of my great grandparents’ farm. At the intersection of 25 and 172. House and barn(s) are still standing.
  • I hung out with the girl that lived there... Loved to play on her farm and watch as the cows were milked and then have a fresh glass!! Doesn't look like it has changed much... miss that time :)
  • I grew up on this farm. Bought in 1964 by my parents. My father still lives here. County Road 30, 1 mile west of Fort Seneca.
  • THis house was torn down after 30+ years that it just sat empty. However the farmer that owns the fields still uses the barn facilities to store farm equipment.

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