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  • Shepherdstown Elementary school
  • Big Spring Middle School
  • Former Boiling Springs High School, now Iron Forge Elementary School
  • North Dickinson Elementary School
  • It has now been totally torn down in order to build a new elementary school and middle school for CUMBERLAND VALLEY School District.
  • All gone. There are now 2 schools on this property.
  • The old school
  • Cumberland Valley High School campus. Silver Spring Elementary school up on the hill.
  • This was my elementary school & it's gone. I was also in the last fifth grade class. We moved to the Poconos after 7th grade, but since my adulthood
  • , I have gone back to Centerville to see our old home & the elementary school many times. I even took my boys & we visited with an old neighbor & my
  • at the elementary school & my boys played on the same swings, seesaw, merry-go-round as I did. And then one time we go back & the school is gone
  • Believe this is the Cumberland-Perry VoTech school which opened in the fall of 1970.

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