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  • Hillsboro High School
  • I graduated in 1984 and still believe it is the most beautiful school I have ever seen. Too bad they tore it down. Makes me sick inside. I loved that building.
  • I graduated from this school in 1968. Happy memories. I was so sorry they felt it should be torn down instead of re-purposed in some way.
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025 fbe 11
  • Key Ridge School
  • Attended grade school here from 1953-1960. My class was the first class to go to 8th grade in Bellaire. Most of school has been torn down
  • . Always played softball under the hi-tension lines to the left! My mother and my Aunt Martha Taylor both taught here for many years, and my dad and uncles drove the school bus a long time.
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042 owa 30
  • At the time, this was Lebanon High School. I went there for 5th-8th grade in the early 70s when it was called Berry Middle School, named after
  • Lucile Berry, long-time Lebanon teacher. In 1964, the athletic field in the back was named after the former Lebanon High Principal and Assistant Superintendent of Lebanon Public Schools John Cecil Vian (1904-1963).
  • Also the School where the movie Harper Valley PTA was filmed!
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013 obu 02
  • Originally, the was the Wayne Township School. While the satellite photo on the Google map just shows the lot where the school once stood, the Google street view is older and shows the building before it was torn down.
  • Wayne Elem School - No longer Standing
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034 rhr 21
  • This where I went from Kindergarten through sixth grade and high school. I lived ten houses up & to the left of the school.
  • My moM went to high school there in early fifties. She was a cheerleader too. Joanne Murray
  • 12 years of school here. No kindergarten when I started school. 10 years Scio School (Panthers) 2 years Jewett-Scio (Vikings)
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045 jhi 11
  • Highland School
  • Sadly this school is no longer standing and all that remains is a grassy block where the building used to stand and the ball diamond behind it...
  • Another view of this school from the same year is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/highland/1970/JHI/45/4
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026 wwa 20
  • My hometown! I went to elementary school there and my dad graduated in the late 30's from high school there.
  • My parents and I both went to school there. The larger building no longer exists was torn down a couple yrs ago to build new school.
  • I just drove through Bartlett the other day and it was still there.are you referring to the original high school building that was to the left?
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075 cda 13
  • This was built in the mid 1950's as the Greenville Township consolidated school to replace the one-room school houses in the township around
  • Greenville. Around 1962, the Greenville Township Schools merged with Greenville City Schools and this building became Woodland Heights elementary which sat
  • at the corner of OH-118 and Children's Home Bradford Rd. I went to school here from 1971-1978. It was torn down in November 2017.
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036 omi 17
  • Troy High School. Played against the Trojans in that building. Had rehearsals for Troy Community Band. Many cousins went to this school.
  • Troy High School
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135 bch 09
  • Here is the old school building in NLT with the ballpark in the background
  • This school is no longer standing.
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045 jhi 04
  • The Highland School; this building is no longer standing.
  • Another view of this school from the same year is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/highland/1970/JHI/45/11
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107 rst 03
  • No longer a school but it appears to still be kept up. Another view of it is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/stark/1980/RST/107/1
  • Waco elementary school on 17th st see canton Ohio
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036 omi 33
  • Van Cleve School with Brown-Bridge Mills on the back-right and St Patrick School in the top left.
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062 cal 33
  • The middle school next door is here: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/allen/1967/CAL/62/32
  • Shawnee High School
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048 ccl 15
  • Is this a photo of East Clinton High School, Lees Creek, Ohio? It was formerly known as Wayne Twp. School. This would have been taken before
  • the newer building was built on the same site. If it is Lees Creek/East Clinton, or, as it was also called, "Simon Kenton", or "Wayne High School", the photo must have been taken in the late '50's/early '60's
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010 bmo 22
  • 515 N. Main St. O.R. Edgington Elementary, formerly Randolph Township High School, was built in 1921 and torn down in 2015.
  • , and elmer's paste (which I will admit to eating once)...I now live in Texas since 1980.I recall being ahead of the game at my new school for nearly
  • , though she terrified me with her piercing eyes and silver hair. Consequently, during the course of my attendance at that school- through the fourth grade
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125 gdk 02
  • Greenville Township Consolidated School and more recently, Woodland Heights Elementary School. OH 118 & Childrens Home-Bradford Road. I went to school here from 1971-1978.
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010 bmo 24
  • Tietzmann Tool building, formerly a school in the early 1900's. No longer there.
  • This is the first Randoph Township High School; built in 1913 and demolished in 1986.
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047 zno 33
  • The building use to be further up the hill when it was a school. So I was told anyway. An addition with indoor restrooms was built by me. It looks alot different now. I believe that was in 2004.
  • I think Ray Crocks parents is who Moses and Glenna Tonnous purchased it from. It was a 1 room school before that. Eddie Rourig and wife bought
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047 icln 15
  • The building that replaced it is to the right of where this building stood; there is a short segment of the wide walk to the front door of the school still there between the sidewalk and the road.
  • Prior to being Sabina Elementary as a part of East Clinton Local school, this was the K-12 school for the community and was built in 1911.
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006 tst 28
  • Historic Spaulding High School in Rochester, NH (http://www.rochesterschools.com/shs/index.html).
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008 jro 33
  • Zane Trace High School.
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003 mde 32
  • Pictures of this school through the years: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio/defiance/1969/MDE/3/32 https://vintageaerial.com/photos/ohio
  • I went to school there. Kindergarten, first.second, third and sixth grades.
  • Yes. NRA. My elementary school. ❤️❤️
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091 och 08
  • Mechanicsburg Schools....has since been torn down and replace. Beautiful old building
  • I went to school there from Kindergarten through graduation. Later after college I taught there for 20 years before I moved out of state.
  • Graduated from Mechanicsburg High School in 1970. Sad the bell tower was not saved and renovated.
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