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056 mau 10
56-MAU-10 (Maury, 2000)
Hatcher homestead on flatcreek rd
002 gy 22
2-GY-22 (Grundy, 2004)
Photo updated...home for myself and my brother!!!
004 dgr 34
4-DGR-34 (Grundy, 1987)
The farm where myself and my brother grew up. Heaven On Earth!!! However, this photo is really old!!!!
061 jti 28
61-JTI-28 (Tipton, 1984)
Curtis and Ruth Hanks' home
061 jti 27
61-JTI-27 (Tipton, 1984)
Curtis and Ruth Hanks' home and farm
061 jti 17
61-JTI-17 (Tipton, 1984)
Hanks Auto Parts at the corner of Beaver Rd. and Bass St.
011 ov 28
11-OV-28 (Overton, 2001)
The original 20'x20' log cabin(where chimney is located) was built in 1860 by George Grimsley. An addition... more »
035 jse 09
35-JSE-9 (Sequatchie, 1984)
This started out as a pool hall for the kids on the mountain. It was turned into a house that Ben & Maxine... more »

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