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008 whk 35
8-WHK-35 (Hancock, 1986)
I bought this property from Gaylon Buttry this year. I however remember this as it is in the pic from my childhood... more »
017b wmo 22
17B-WMO-22 (Monroe, 1986)
bill davis or inlaws place
017b wmo 26
17B-WMO-26 (Monroe, 1986)
mellisa wisemans parents
018b wmo 05
18B-WMO-5 (Monroe, 1986)
hot water road and rurtain road intersection
018b wmo 10
18B-WMO-10 (Monroe, 1986)
shelly daltons parents
018b wmo 29
18B-WMO-29 (Monroe, 1986)
this has got to be off of witt or cannon ridge there is the 3 phase lines going to donalds sawmill
018b wmo 31
18B-WMO-31 (Monroe, 1986)
house next door to margie browns

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