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027 qwa 24
27-QWA-24 (Washington, 1966)
In Waterbury Vermont, on Blush Hill; Close to or at 654 Blush Hill. Across from WDEV towers.
027 qwa 27
27-QWA-27 (Washington, 1966)
On Blush Hill in Waterbury. 2135 Blush Hill.
027 qwa 26
27-QWA-26 (Washington, 1966)
This is on Blush Hill; 2029 Blush Hill; the old Belizi House which burned in the 1990's(?). Wallace farm... more »
003 qfr 11
3-QFR-11 (Franklin, 1966)
This was Herbert and Bertha Dudley's farm. It sure has changed since they moved away. Used to be a beautiful... more »
014 sru 19
14-SRU-19 (Rutland, 1969)
Seward's Family Restaurant, Rutland, VT
020 qor 33
20-QOR-33 (Orleans, 1966)
As the date of this photo is 1966, the Crystal Springs Farm was being run by my step-grandfather Stanley Foss... more »
029 qor 06
29-QOR-6 (Orleans, 1966)
This is where we went on our first date. Celebrated our 41st anniversary in 2017.
017 qor 15
17-QOR-15 (Orleans, 1966)
Bernard Urie says there was a sawmill powered by the outflow below Hartwell Pond.

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