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025 qor 09
25-QOR-9 (Orleans, 1966)
I grew up here & my mother, Jennie Tate was born in this house, & brought up here. Her ancestors settled... more »
015 ggbe 35
15-GGBE-35 (Bennington, 1988)
Two structures at rear have been removed.
015 ggbe 15
15-GGBE-15 (Bennington, 1988)
Springfed Tree Farm.
015 ggbe 14
15-GGBE-14 (Bennington, 1988)
Springfed Tree Farm.
004 aabe 35
4-AABE-35 (Bennington, 1989)
Harrison Rd. - Hunting, Shooting, & Trapping Prohibited!
004 aabe 17
4-AABE-17 (Bennington, 1989)
See Photo 4-AABE-18 for another view.
004 aabe 18
4-AABE-18 (Bennington, 1989)
Same property as Photo 4-AABE-17 in foreground.

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