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  • My husband grew up there! Yes it has changed!Memories!!!
  • This is my parents farm a lot has changed the barn has collapsed silos are gone.but a lot of good memories here.
  • This is where I grew up. Many happy memories from this place. It will be in our family 100 years in 2020. My dad was born in this house. LOVE this place!!!!
  • Warren and Jeanette Hulke farm. Lots of memories playing in the barn and climbing the giant oak tree in front.
  • This is the farm I grew up on and have many happy memories. My parents milked dairy cows and Mom raised chickens to sell and sold strawberries
  • nightly after working 10 hrs on the road on the farm.Glenn attened nelson school. Glenn died in 1995? Dad died in 1998. Many a memories as a "4
  • Grandparent's farm. Lots of wonderful memories when I saw this pic! It has ALL changed... almost everything is gone now except the barn. It's like a walk back through time! Very neat to see this picture!
  • wonderful memories of this farm, and call it our piece of Heaven on Earth. We live about a mile and a half south of Gilmanton on Lees Valley Rd, and we have never seen this picture.
  • was my sister, and my playhouse-love,love! That is gone also. Thank you for such wonderful memories, my Dad has been gone since 1989. So thanks again.
  • at the time. So many good memories there and very thankful my brothers still own it. God Bless the Farmers.

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