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  • Wittenberg - Birnamwood High School
  • This used to be Tracy Corners School.
  • Palandi school Main Laney Drive Pulaski,Wi. My Dad Carl McGillivray lived 1/2 mile from there and went to school there in the 1930's. The McGillivray home farm is still in the family today.
  • I lived here when I was in grade school ..buildings are now all gone..new ones took their place
  • This is the house I lived in when I was born on the left. The house on the right is the house I lived in when I graduated high school in 1978 and the home my nephew now owns.
  • That's St. Lawrence Catholic church in Navarino. The building to the right is the grade school which opened in 1962. It's now closed.
  • There is an old school house across the road from this house. It predates the house actually. So I am wondering if it was airbrushed out. It would be on the field in the lower right corner.
  • little shack across the highway was where Andy Anderson had kept the school busses which my dad Elmer Dilge drove for a while.
  • Originally a school where grades 1-8 were all in the same room. The last graduating class was about 1940. The building was then used as a town hall
  • acres with this farm and milked nearly 200 cows. Before that, I believe someone named Matz owned it. They sold some land to the high school for athletic

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